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Take Paws: Madison’s Dog Walking Service

  • What
    We Do

    Take Paws is a dog walking and pet care service located in Madison, Wisconsin. We're dedicated to working with animals and improving the relationships between people and their pets. We provide walks, potty breaks, light grooming, simple manners training, and TLC when your dog needs it the most.

    We also visit cats, change their litter box, bring in the mail, and feed or administer medication as needed. We happily accommodate puppies and kittens, and we're great with older dogs and cats who might need special attention.

  • Why Choose
    Take Paws?

    Owning pets is likely one of the biggest commitments you've made in your life. Their well-being rests entirely on you, and you work hard to make sure they're happy and healthy. Hiring someone to care for them when you can't is a big decision.

    Take Paws wants to help you make the right choice for you and your pet. In addition to providing proof of insurance, a background check, and references, we want to go a step further to make you feel comfortable about introducing us to your pet's life. That's why the first meeting AND the first walk are always free. You have the right to make sure we're a good fit before you pay for anything.

  • Where
    We Work

    Take Paws provides in-home service for Madison, Fitchburg, and Sun Prairie, Wisconsin.

    We also offer deals for neighbors who use our services on the same days at similar times. Call or email today to tell us where you live and to explain your individual pet care needs: 608-622-7716.

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