Welcome to Take Paws

Welcome to Take Paws

Welcome to Take PawsWelcome to Take PawsWelcome to Take Paws

Madison's Trusted Pet Care Service

Dog Walking, Pet Sitting and  

Dog Behavioral Training 

- A Madison Original - 


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About Take Paws

Who We Are


Take Paws is a Madison original and locally owned dog walking and pet sitting business founded by Caitlin Barry and Scott Rudolph.

Scott Rudolph is the proud owner of Take Paws here in beautiful Madison, Wisconsin. 

Take Paws is not a national franchise or a corporation and we pride ourselves on being a part of the greater Madison community. We develop strong relationships with our clients and their pets to bring you the kind of personal dedicated service you will not find from other pet service companies.  With other companies you never know who your dedicated pet caregiver will be from day to day and service to service. With Take Paws you will get to know your pet caregiver and will be able to rely on their continuity, compassion and years of professional experience.

Scott is a dog behaviorist, trainer, boarder, proud dog parent, and an all around animal-loving-guy. Dogs are his passion, and he has built his life around them. He takes great pride in the service we provide our clients. Scott has over 15 years professional experience and this is his calling and vocation.

Caitlin is a pet lover & proud pet mama. She honors anyone reading this site, as she understands the responsibility at hand when we take on pet ownership. It is a joy and sometimes daunting task, balancing our relationships with our four-legged friends with the rest of the responsibilities we juggle in our adult lives. 

Take Paws takes a balanced approach to pet care (particularly of the canine persuasion): calm leadership, quality exercise and lots of love all contribute equally to a pet’s behavior and overall happiness. For dogs especially, getting more exercise and interaction is the simplest way to improve their behavior and mood. 

As such, Take Paws offers a service that can truly help both dogs and their busy owners. The goal is that by giving both parties what they need when they need it most (humans: a helping hand; pets: love/potty breaks/exercise), our service can help improve and enrich the relationships between people and their pets. 

Our Team


Take Paws employs over twenty responsible, reliable animal lovers who are all bonded and insured. We offer dog walking and pet sitting in Madison, Sun Prairie, Monona, Fitchburg, and Middleton. Our team has been well-trained to care for and protect your pets in your absence. 

Our employees come from many walks of life and have done a variety of other things: teaching, childcare, professional and management positions, and an endless array of volunteer positions, to name but a few. We hold our team up to the highest possible standard so that you have peace of mind when your pets are in our care.

Take Paws was born with a single objective: to provide the kind of service WE would use to help us care for our most treasured dependents: our pets. We have worked hard to imbibe this company with the qualities we most value in other businesses: Trustworthiness. Respect. Compassion. Transparency. Excellent customer service. 

Our Promise to You


Since the inception of Take Paws, we have been inspired anew by the commitment busy, working people make to their pets. Every new client we meet reinforces what we already believe: that our relationships with pets can improve our health, our happiness, and even our attitudes, and that in return, we must give these services back to our dogs. We at Take Paws respect you for even researching a business like ours. It shows your dedication as a pet parent.  

We have pets, and we each have a house: we realize what a big responsibility it is, allowing someone access to both. We have worked to create a company that will always live up to that responsibility. 

We are here to serve you, give your pets what they need when they need it, and be their advocate and protector when you are not around. We are also here as a part of your community: we will listen to your feedback, answer your questions, and work with you to ensure you are getting exactly the service that you need. 

We promise to be your partner in your pets' care, with the goal of empowering and improving your relationship with your four-legged family members.

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Where We Serve

Madison, Wisconsin, United States

Sun Prairie, Monona, Fitchburg, and Middelton, too!

Regular Hours

Monday - Friday: 9am - 5pm

Saturday - Sunday: 9am - 5pm

Before- and after-hours visits, weekend visits, and visits on holidays incur an added fee. See Services for our detailed price list.