Services and Price List


Take Paws normal office hours are 9 am to 5 pm. 


  • Half-hour walk: $16 or 5 walks per week: $15 per walk 
  • 15 minute 'Pit Stop': $14
  • Hour long attention session: $28 (can include long walk or extended stay)
  • Weekend visits: $18 for half-hour, $16 for 15 minute pitstop, $35 for hour
  • Each additional dog: additional $2
  • Before-or after-hours: additional $2
  • Holiday visit or less than 12 hour request: additional $5 
  • Take Paws kindly asks the client's best 2-Hour time window for all dog services.

Dog Behavior and Training Sessions

  • Dog Behavioral Session: $75/hour with our professional behaviorist.
  • Please visit the Behavioral Training tab at the top for more info.

Dog Boarding

  • In-home boarding:  $45 for 24 hours in pet sitter’s home + $10 per additional dog.  
  • Your dog will be taken care of just like they were still at home with you.
  • Your dog will get to free roam, explore and snore under full supervision. 
  • Your dog will receive lots of love and affection and get the in-home peaceful care they are used to with you.
    • Dogs must be well-socialized with other dogs and must be comfortably crate-trained for when boarder is not home (which is never long). 
    • Service depends on boarder availability.
    • Any boarding over 7 days must be paid in advance if you are a first time boarding client. 
    • Any boarding over 14 days must be paid in advance.



  • Half-hour visit: $16 (can include light grooming, litter box, food, water, and mail)
  • Hour long attention session: $28
  • Weekend visit: $18 for half-hour, $35 for hour
  • Each additional cat after 2: additional $2
  • Before- or after-hours visit: additional $2
  • Holiday visit and visit with < 48 hours' notice: additional $5

We love blended dog & cat households! Let us know how many pets you have, and we'll create a customized price for you.  

Scheduling and Canceling Walks/Visits for Existing Clients

PetSitClick Login for Existing Clients



Log into PetSitClick to update, request, or cancel services.

If you do not know your login information, please email and we will reset it for you.

How to Pay for Services?



We email invoices monthly at the beginning of each month for services received for the full prior month. (I.e. if you had pet care services ,walks etc... in July, you'll see the invoice around August 1st or 2nd.) 

We accept checks and online payments via electronic check through your Intiut invoice. You will find the link for online payment in our emailed invoice.

Questions and Feedback


 We are dedicated to outstanding service for both our human and pet clients. Please don't hesitate to bring questions and feedback to our attention. We love hearing from you! 


Safety Considerations and Cancellation Policy

                              We love all animals, but as a professional pet care business

                                                we maintain the following policies.

  • You must disclose if your dog or cat has a bite history with humans, regardless of the context. It doesn't necessarily mean we can't work with you, but we need to know in order to ensure your pet's and our team's safety.
  • Take Paws will not be able to provide walks or visits for dogs longer than a period of 3 days without the owner or a family/friend/caretaker ect...coming home within 3 days or on the 3rd day. 
  • If you require dog visits to last longer than 3 days without anyone being home you are welcome to inquire about our in-home boarding services.
  • Dog walks and dog visits are required to keep all dogs on leash at all times outside of the home. 
  • Take Paws does not offer off-leash services with the exception of client's written consent and a discussion of the specific off-leash service request.
  • We cannot guarantee service for dogs that are a danger to themselves, the walker, or others while on a leash. We can, however, talk through potential solutions in this case and you are welcome to consult with our professional dog behaviorist.
  • We cannot pill or otherwise medicate unsocialized or people-wary cats or dogs.
  • We cannot deliver medical injections for dogs or cats nor deliver subcutaneous fluids.
  • If we feel we cannot safely walk your dog after you begin working with us, it is in our right to cancel service. We will communicate with you and do what we can to prevent this situation.

Take Paws  Cancellation Policy:

Please remember that weekday and weekend services canceled with less than 48 hours notice will be charged in full.

Regularly scheduled clients will receive one last-minute (less than 48 hours) 'Freebie' cancellation per month, if needed. 

All Holiday, boarding, and housesitting services that are booked cannot be refunded if canceled.

This excludes weekend services. Booked weekend services need to be canceled with more than 48 hours before the day of the scheduled visit to not receive a charg