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I'm Scott, the owner of Take Paws. I am a Dog Behavioral Psychologist. I also do in home boarding for dogs at my house.  While your dogs are with me they are treated and cared for like family. I have lived and worked with dogs my whole life. This work is my passion and my calling.  I have a sidekick Bernese Mountain Dog named Bodhi.



Angela is the Take Paws Operations Manager...as well as a dog walker & pet sitter. Angela’s love for animals has been apparent throughout her life. In recent years she and her husband have fostered two dogs through a local rescue group. Currently, Angela volunteers with Lost Dogs of Wisconsin, which works with owners, rescue groups, and humane societies to reunite dogs who have been separated from their families. Angela currently lives with her husband and their dog, Ginger, in Madison.  



Jane is a Take Paws manager as well as a dog walker and pet sitter who came to us from Corporate America several years ago. With two active boys, she was missing too many activities working all the time. But staying home all day long was not the right fit either. Dog walking turned out to be the perfect job! Jane has two pets of her own: Stormy, a 10-year-old black cat, and Rusty, a 6-year-old Goldendoodle. They always make her feel better after a stressful day. Jane also volunteers at the Humane Society as a Feline Friend. She lives with her family in Sun Prairie. 



 Laryssa is a Take Paws manager as well as a dog walker, sitter, and dog boarder who does this job not because she needs to, but because she loves the work. She has loved animals since childhood on a farm. In addition to working with Take Paws, Laryssa volunteers as a driver for Mobile Mutts Rescue, an organization that transports dogs from high-kill shelters, typically in areas of the South where she says there is an urgent overpopulation of homeless dogs. She is an animal lover and advocate through and through. Laryssa lives in Madison. 



Karan is a Take Paws dog walker and pet sitter who initially needed a “fur fix” after her 15 year-old dog passed away. She appreciates that she gets to spend part of her day with all the different breeds and personalities that dogs come in! She currently lives with a very handsome orange Tabby named Mr. Pumpkin who is training her about the cat world. In her other life, she is a yoga teacher at the Yoga Co-Op, instructing humans on the art of the downward facing dog pose (among others). Karan lives in Madison.



Lynn is a Take Paws dog walker and pet sitter who, believe it or not, has a twelve-pack of Yorkies! These family members, as she knows them to be, have taught her invaluable lessons on patience, calm energy, consistency, and love. As the years passed and her pack grew, Lynn realized her calling was working with animals. She believes in approaching each dog with calm and assertive energy, and while cats are inherently different, she’s found calm energy works with them, too. She believes a well-behaved dog is a happy and healthy dog, and that learning together helps strengthen the bond between dogs and their owners. Lynn lives in Madison.



Sage is a Take Paws dog walker and pet sitter who was a middle school teacher for 32 years before  joining the Take Paws team. She wanted her next job to combine her love of animals and the outdoors, and she had been a Take Paws client, so she knew who to ask! Sage loves working with such amazing dogs, cats, and their phenomenal owners. She has been with Take Paws since 2015 and enjoys every day on the job–is this really a job? Sage lives in Madison.



Katie is a dog walker. She grew up in a family that always welcomed strays and rescues, and she has carried that trait into her own home. She is the proud mama of two dogs and three kitties. Her love and compassion for all animals lead her to this position, and she couldn’t be happier to have this opportunity to do what she loves. She lives in Madison. 



Susan is a Take Paws dog walker and pet sitter who knew one thing when she left her previous job doing clerical computer work:  she didn’t want to work in an office environment any more. She decided to branch off into something she actually loved: dogs. She has always had dogs, and they’ve been a constant love in her life. She found the right opportunity when her job search brought her to Take Paws.  She lives with her husband, their grandson, Kaleb, and three pets: Smokey, their 16-year-old Shih Tzu; Beamer, a 6-year-old lab-husky mix, and Little Man the cat. Susan lives outside of Madison.



Michael is a lifelong animal lover, dog walker and pet sitter. He enjoys every aspect of the care your pets need and how much joy they bring to our lives each day. His passion for and his patience with animals shines through every interaction she has. Michael lives in the Madison area with his wife and their wonderful Boston Terrier George.



Nate is a Take Paws dog walker and pet sitter. Animals have always been a huge part of his life; in particular, he’s consistently lived and worked with dogs of all sizes. He is amazing with all pets. Nate lives in the Madison area with his wife, their dog Ellie May and he fosters senior dogs for Underdog Pet Rescue of Wisconsin.  



Janeen is a Take Paws dog walker and pet sitter whose passion for animals has guided her entire life. Janeen had an office job for over 35 years that was going nowhere and left her unsatisfied. That was when she decided to make a change. She found Take Paws, where she gets to work with amazing pets and people. Janeen is a volunteer and member of the Behavior Modification Team at the Dane County Humane Society. She lives with her family in Madison.



Ryan is a Take Paws dog walker and pet sitter who has lived around the Madison area his whole life. After getting a Bachelor's Degree in Biology, he realized fully that dogs are his true passion and pursued a job that allowed him to work with them every day. He is a good-natured and patient guy who truly adores the dogs in his care. He has two Aussie Shepards named Grizzy and Cooper and all have a happy new home outside of Madison.



Dana is a Take Paws dog walker and pet sitter who has been with the company for years and is incredibly dedicated to and knowledgeable about animals. She is a total dog, and cat person, and loves any pastime that allows her access to animals and the outdoors. She lives in Madison.



Miranda is a Take Paws dog walker and pet sitter who has been around and has loved animals her entire life. She has a wonderful Aussie named Cooper and they enjoy hiking together as often as possible. Miranda also works on the weekends helping and taking care of  the eldery. She is caring and passionate about helping both people and their pets find the best balance to enjoy life. She loves being around animals every day and will enjoy taking great care of your fuzzy pals.



Annie is a Take Paws dog walker and pet sitter who loves being active! Jean, Minnie and Kody are Labradors that keep her busy, but she still has plenty of energy left for your fur babies. Annie's roots are in the east-side of Madison, but she also calls Sun Prairie home. Her hobbies include triathlons and photography, so you can expect great pics of your kids when she is your caretaker. As a client of Take Paws herself, Annie knew the professional organization and care Take Paws offered, and she is happy to be part of the team extending that same level of excellent care and service to others. 

Emily S.


Emily is a Take Paws dog walker and pet sitter who has worked with children and pets for as long as she can remember. She worked in childcare for years before joining the Take Paws team. Now she splits her working time between caring for children and dogs while also running her own cleaning service! She is light-hearted, reliable, and compassionate. She lives in Madison.



Mike is a Take Paws walker and animal lover. He is incredible with all dogs and is very patient and understands how to take great care of every dog no matter their disposition or size. Big or small...Mike can handle them all. Mike has years of experience volunteering with the Humane Society. He and his buddy Ocho enjoy their life in Madison and look forward to their walks.



Sarah is a Take Paws backup walker and cat sitter. Animals have always been her passion. As a child, Sarah often frightened her parents by approaching strange dogs at any chance. When she was old enough, she became the preferred pet sitter on her block. Since her twenties, she and her husband have fostered and found homes for twenty three cats and kittens. She lives in Madison with her 13- and 9-year-old kids, a 9-year-old Schnoodle, an 11-year-old Poodle mix, and three cats.



Caitlin is Take Paws emeritus! Most of the photos of me from childhood include some poor dog I had dressed up or was lying on top of. I have been an animal lover and advocate my entire life. Little did I know we would grow to be one of the largest dog walking companies in Madison, Wisconsin! I am honored and humbled to have led this company for the greater part of a decade. 

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